My name is Ania and I make personalised wooden key rings and various wooden play items.

 10% from each key ring sold goes to a relevant Charity.

The concept started after making a gift to a good friend who was going through a tough time in her personal life.

Seeing her reaction to the key ring, I thought that I could spread this further

and put a smile on more people’s faces.

So I came up with a few designs of Public Services key rings, and picked relevant charities that support them to donate 10% of each item sold. I am hoping that by doing this, I can raise funds towards relevant charities and help to increase their ability to support people who need it as we know that due to austerity, how much stress and pressure the emergency services are under and how mental health is suffering as a result.  Currently we donate to TASC- The Ambulance Staff Charity, COPS- Care Of Police Survivors, The Maggie Oliver Foundation and the NHS Rainbow Hero Appeal. Our donations are made monthly, are documented and available to view upon request.